Open Journal


Open Journal is an online publication interested in design, the arts, culture, creative business and good ideas in all their forms.

An initiative of Melbourne’s Neometro, the publication was devised to create a valuable and enjoyable piece of design commentary that was Australian in focus yet with international awareness and appeal.

Matthew was commissioned by Neometro to edit and manage the delivery of the publication from inception to launch.

Sourcing a design team and web developer, he oversaw the delivery of the publication’s identity, information architecture and site design, before developing an editorial plan and the site’s content categories and regular feature segments.

Launched in early 2013, Matthew was editor and managed all aspects of the publication until mid-2015.

In addition to the main website, a fortnightly EDM is sent to a subscriber base of 8000, while the Open Journal Instagram feed enjoys a passionate following of over 6000.

A holistic exercise in both online publishing and digital marketing, the project continues and remains a success.